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Essilor Stellest Lens

Stellest lens is one of the newer technologies for myopia controlling spectacle lenses. It utilizes Highly Aspherical Lenslet Target (HALT) technology to create peripheral defocus that slows myopia progression in children.

Stellest lens revised drawing 300x233 1

It has 11 rings with contiguous aspherical lenslets with a 9mm clear zone through which children can look through. One of the advantages of this lens in comparison to its competitors is that the rings go all the way till the edge of the lens providing a complete peripheral treatment zone.

Evidence suggests that with daily wear of the lens, there was significant reduction in myopia progression for children with excellent adaptation. On average, it is recommended to wear lenses for at least 12 hours/day to get optimal results with the glasses. If you are interested in learning more about Stellest lens and assessing your child’s candidacy for the lens, call us today at 905-363-1140.