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Specialty Contact Lenses in Mississauga & Oakville

Our specialty clinic utilizes advanced scleral contact lens technology to provide customized scleral lens fittings in Mississauga & Oakville.
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Specialty Contact Lens Clinic

Specialty contact lenses are essential for visual rehabilitation for patients with corneal ectasias such as keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, corneal grafts, post-LASIK ectasias, trauma, and other advanced pathology. We offer specialty contact lenses not only for adults but also for children who have congenital eye conditions or trauma.

Did you know scleral lenses can help improve your vision as well as manage dry eyes? These lenses vault the cornea and help provide a lubrication chamber for the eyes. These lenses are comfortable and reduce glare and halos which is a common problem with keratoconus. If you are interested in learning more about the lens option, call us today for a scleral lens consult at 905-363-1140.


Specialty Contact Lenses

Corneal Gas Permeable Lens

Corneal GP lenses masks corneal astigmatism and are utilized for patients with irregular astigmatism or patients with high amounts of astigmatism. They boast superior optics in comparison to soft contact lenses.

Scleral Lenses

This lens is ideal for patients with corneal ectasias, transplants, irregular corneas. The presence of a flud reservoir makes the lens an excellent treatment option for patients with dry eyes, Stevens-Johnson, pemphigoid, and neurotrophic corneas.

Custom Soft Lenses

Soft contact lenses include a range of products: spheres, torics, and colored contact lenses. With extended range parameters, these are able to correct wide range of prescriptions. They are also used as bandage contact lenses in cases of abrasions.

Hybrid Lenses

It is gas permeable lens surrounded by a soft skirt portion. These lenses provide excellent optics similar to a corneal GP while maintaining the comfort of a soft lens. They have similar indications as corneal GPs.

Prosthetics Lenses

These are mostly commonly used for
patients with aniridia, iris coloboma, ocular albinism, leukocoria, leukoma, micro-cornea, and iris atrophy. They help mitigate symptoms of glare and photophobia.


These are custom designed, overnight wear,
GP lenses that reshape the cornea to eliminate the need for glasses during the day. It creates
peripheral myopic defocus that has been
reported to reduce myopic progression by about 50%.

State-of-the-Art Medical Technology

With advanced scans of your cornea, we can customize contact lenses that are tailored specifically to your eyes. It helps provide you best quality vision, reduces aberrrations, and improves comfort while wearing contact lenses.

Dr. Bedi specializes in specialty contact lens fittings for advanced patholgies, complex corneal grafts, intacts, traumatic corneas, as well as fittings for children diagnosed with complex eye diseases such as aphakia, Peters anomaly, traumatic cornea, corneal transplants.