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Top 7 tips for your next eye exam

Here is our list of top 7 tips to prepare your annual eye exam appointment:

  1. Bring your eyeglasses: If you have been prescribed eyeglasses previously, please make sure to bring your best pair of glasses to the appointment. Don’t hesitate to bring your glasses even if the frame is broken. We can read the lenses that can provide us valuable information about your past prescription.
  2. Bring your contact lenses: If you wear contact lenses, bring in your contact lenses or prescription especially you want to get your contact lens prescription renewed. We can fine tune your prescription and change parameters that have changed from your habitual lenses.
  3. If you use any eye drops or medications, please make sure to bring those with you. During your exam, we will ask you if you have been diagnosed with any eye conditions and are using any medications. We can record the name of the medication or eye drops in your medical chart so we can monitor your eye health.
  4. Make sure to ask your family members if someone has been diagnosed with any eye conditions. There are some conditions that are genetic and run in families. It is important for us to know your family history as we can monitor your eye healthy.
  5. If you have been diagnosed with any medical conditions and have been prescribed medications by other healthcare professionals, it is important to bring your medication list. We will record your medications to obtain a thorough medical health assessment.
  6. Bring your sunglasses: During annual examinations, we do dilate your eyes. After dilating eye drops, you will be light sensitive and will experience some near blur. Sunglasses will make you comfortable and help with light sensitivity as you leave the clinic. Please have someone accompany you so you are not driving after the appointment!
  7. Bring your health card or insurance information!

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